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Top 5 Corporate Gift Hampers for Diwali in 2022

Diwali is an auspicious occasion that is celebrated with family members and friends. Diwali comes with lots of gift hampers – a box of chocolates, sweets, dry fruits, new clothes, personalized gifts and many more. In an office, employees are considered a big family. So, they also need to be treated well with gift hamper boxes on such auspicious festivals. 

Usually, a corporate Diwali gift hamper includes a box of sweets or chocolates and sometimes dry fruits. If you want to give something unique instead of these common and traditional gifts, personalized gift hampers are the best option for you. With a personalized gift, you can advertise or promote your company by simply adding the names on these gift items. For example, the company’s name printed personalized tabletop calendar looks amazing as a corporate gift. Let’s check out the most popular personalized gift hampers you can give to your employees.

Name-engraved pen: 

Personalized name-engraved wooden or metal pen is a perfect gift for corporate diwali gift hampers. You can choose to engrave your company name, its logo or the individual names of each employee on the pen. If possible, include a beautiful wooden box along with the pen. You can use a stainless-steel pen, a wooden pen or a fibre one according to your preferences.

Customized keychains:

 A laser-engraved wooden keychain looks nice as a gift. These are affordable and useful as well. Wooden or fibre-made keychains are personalized with the organization’s name or the company logo on them. You can also include a personalized “Happy Diwali” message on it if the space permits. The personalizing artist will send you a preview of the design before creating the final product. So, you will definitely like the product. 

Personalized cap: 

It’s a nice and useful gift that you can easily give your employees this Diwali. A cap is personalized with the company’s name or logo on it. It will help you to promote the organization. You will get a nice cap within Rs 150, so these are affordable and useful as well. 

Personalized tee-shirt:

 A round neck or polo tee-shirt is personalized with the name of the company, the logo of the brand or any specific picture. The tee shirt may be cotton or polyester. Choose as per your preferences. The latest printing technology is used to personalize these tee shirts. So, they are going to remain the same even after multiple uses and washing. 

Personalized desktop clock:

 If you have the budget, a personalized laser engraved wooden picture clock is one of the most popular corporate gifts for Diwali gift for your office employees. You can personalize the product by the picture and text messages of your choice. The most advanced technology is used to print the picture, logo and message on the wooden clock to achieve the most beautiful smooth finish. The square or rectangular-shaped table clock comes with required accessories that allow you to place it on a table or hang it against the wall. 

Although so many other gift hamper options are available online, you only need to choose according to your requirements and preferences.

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