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Meta Title – 5 Best Glasses Trends For Spring 2022

Meta Description – Make this spring fashionable by trying out these trending glasses. These pairs are incredibly gorgeous. Read on to find out!

Glasses for spring: A wardrobe essential!

Winter has left us and whether you like winters or not, you will certainly agree with the fact that when it comes to styling our fashion accessories, winter is the season where we have the most options available. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need fashion accessories for other seasons. Regardless of the season, fashion accessories are truly a game-changer.

Coming to the most intimate fashion accessory – glasses – there are always abundant pairs for each mood and occasion, and also seasons. It is springtime, and as plants grow and flowers bloom, you too need to have your style game on point to make an impressive fashion statement.

Recently, while looking for prescription glasses online, I conducted in-depth research to find out the trendiest glasses styles that match the positive and charming vibes of spring. Here they are! Add them to your wardrobe for a spring full of style.

Round Glasses

Let’s start the list with the style that has been there probably since the time eyeglasses were invented. Over time, there are lots of modifications and variations that have been inculcated into round glasses, but the charm that they are associated with has never diminished. It has only witnessed an upward rise.

Taking nothing away from their versatile style, credits must also go to the fictional character of Harry Potter for popularising these styles. And how can we forget the Beatles superstar John Lennon who donned the round glasses to perfection? You can do the same – such is the beauty of round glasses.

There are not just one but multiple pairs of round glasses for every occasion. Coming to the face shapes, round glasses suit all face shapes. However, they are perfect in balancing out the facial features associated with angular face shapes.

Cat-eye Glasses

The craze around the iconic cat-eye glasses never seems to come to a halt. The unique angular structure, with its elegant upswept ends, makes them a fitting option for all face shapes and occasions.

Cat-eye glasses shot into fame in the 1950s after actresses like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn used them in their movies. Ever since then, cat-eye glasses have more often than not found a place in the trending list of women’s glasses. At present times, there are abundant pairs of cat-eye glasses for men too.

A pair of cat-eye glasses are just what you need this spring, to shine even brighter than the sun.

Designed originally for male pilots, it didn’t take much time for aviators to gain commercial success and become a style of the masses.

Aviators are neither square nor round but have an out-of-the-box teardrop structure. This brings about an amazing balance, making aviators suitable for all face shapes.

The ones in metal frames are genius, but you can also try out acetate frame aviator glasses for a touch of fun.

And yes, we are not talking about the sunglasses variant of aviators here. There is no doubt that aviator sunglasses are in a league of their own, but even the clear aviator glasses are no less and are selling like hotcakes today.

And the myth that aviator glasses look good only on men is untrue. There are amazing aviator glasses frames for women that radiate femininity in style.

Tortoiseshell Frames

If you are looking for a pair of vintage glasses, holding the ability to bring about a contrasting appeal to your physical appearance, tortoiseshell frames are what you may need.

These glasses have evolved and today, you can find them in many patterns – from the basic brown and yellow tones to the cool bluish ones. These glasses are great to compliment your office attire and also can do wonders in informal settings such as a casual weekend getaway.

You must have noticed celebrities like Karlie Kloss and Robert Downey Jr. styling these glasses in their public appearances. And the next day, tortoiseshell glasses become the talk of the town. Tortoiseshell glasses have a dazzling effect on anyone who puts them on, whether they are a celebrity or not.

It is to be mentioned here that no turtles are harmed in the manufacturing of these glasses, as they are made of materials like plastics, acetate, among others.

Clear Frame Glasses

In a relatively quick time, clear frame glasses have established a massive fanbase. These contemporary glasses come with an elite glass-like structure, which provides a sharp and bold physical appearance,

You can try out the basic transparent frames to keep things simple or bring in an element of fun by going with those in the pastel shades.

Now that you know the styles of glasses that are trending this spring, your next step should be to make them your own.

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