How Successful People Make the Most of Their Guideline – How To Spot Fakes When Shopping For Vintage Clothes

Shopping for vintage clothing is a lot of fun but there are other reasons why people choose vintage clothing over other clothing. The major reason is the growing pollution and the clothing industry is adding a lot to it. As individuals, it is our responsibility to reduce the global carbon footprint that is left by us on this planet every year.

By reducing that carbon footprint we will be able to limit the amount of pollution and waste material that is left on our planet every single year. But sometimes vintage clothing can be a hit or a miss.

Even though the main purpose of vintage clothing is to reduce the amount of pollution but it has become a trend and a style for many people now. The sellers have started to take advantage of the fact that it has become a trend and many people are selling fake vintage clothing out there which is not real and not recycled from the past.

Those people and taking new clothes and treating them in such a way that they look old and it is not contributing to the environment and is causing the opposite effect instead!

What Do You Need To Do?

If you are wondering what you need to do in this regard then the answer for that is you need to discourage this trend of creating fake vintage clothes. It is because the main purpose of recycled and vintage clothing is to reduce pollution and be better for the environment.

But this fake vintage clothing is not contributing to that purpose and that is why you need to discourage it. For that, you will have to be aware and you will have to know how you can spot the fake north vintage clothing so you do not purchase it.

How To Know If The Vintage Clothing You Are About To Purchase Is Authentic?

The vintage clothing that you are about to purchase is authentic or not is going to depend upon different factors. One major factor is also going to include what you consider authentic and what is your definition of authentic.

When you want to save yourself from the scams and you do not want to overpay for the clothing that you are purchasing you need to be aware of whether this is authentic vintage apparel or not.

How To Spot Fakes?

The first thing that you should look for when you are finding out whether the vintage clothing is fake or not is the price tag. Make sure that the price tag is worth the clothing item that you are about to purchase and it doesn’t look like a scam. You want to get the value for your money through the clothing item that you are about to purchase.

You can spot fake vintage clothing by looking at the logo and if they are trying to mimic a real logo.


You can look out for the label when it comes to vintage designer clothing. The real items are going to have a label authenticity that is not easy to mimic.

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