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The of Beauty At Any Age: Skin Care Essentials For Every Stage Of A Woman’s Life

It’s a bit cliché to say you want to grow old gracefully. The truth is that no woman wants their skin to sag or wrinkles as deep as the Grand Canyon. Here’s how to retain elasticity and protect your skin from damage. With a little luck and a lot of planning and prevention, you can stay youthful for decades.

Use Retinoid

Retinoids have become the new age skincare essentials. Retinoid refers to a derivative of vitamin A, a vitamin that is proven to boost collagen production, soften fine lines and wrinkles, and minimize pores. Vitamin A can upregulate skin cell turnover, meaning that your skin will renew itself more often. This produces softer, smoother, and more radiant skin. Dark spots start to fade. The best creams on the market are prescription ones that are proven to work in about 8 weeks. Renova is the gold standard in vitamin A creams.

Retinol is the strongest OTC option right now, with results happening in about 12 weeks. Ideally, whatever formulation you choose will contain at least 1 percent retinol, which is the highest allowed in a non-prescription cream.

Some of the better brands include Emergent Advanced Retinol Therapy, which costs $56, and Roc Retinol Corrosion Deep Wrinkle Serum, which can be had for a mere $20.

Your skin may start to dry out during use.

This is normal. Flaking and peeling are also normal. This will pass and, when it does, your skill will look amazing. Once you’ve achieved the results you want, you can discontinue use.

Once you’ve acclimated to the retinoids, and you’re up to nightly use, the next step is to start using something like alpha-hydroxy acid twice a week. This will boost exfoliation, making your skin brighter and smoother. If you already have problems with dry skin, choose an AHA formulation with lactic acid or other moisturizing agents in it. The next step beyond exfoliation is hydroquinone. It’s not for everyone, but it can make a difference for some. This substance inhibits melanin production, which is a good way to fade out skin blotchiness.

Exfoliate At Least Once A Week

Prescription versions will contain up to 4 percent of HQ, with OTC brands containing only 2 percent. The maximum amount of time you should use the product is 3 months. Beyond that time, you should switch to kojic acid or licorice extract.

Switch Cleansers

As you grow older, it gets harder and harder to maintain moisture levels in your skin. So, oil-stripping cleansers and gels should be replaced with moisturizing agents. Hydrating creams will help prevent the natural drying that’s caused by skin cleansers, but they can also help with the side effects of using retinoids.

Switch Retinoid

One thing you’ll notice from retinoid use is that it’s incredibly drying. After a while, your face will feel like a desert. It’s time to switch to Renovo or attain if you aren’t already using them since both are moisturizing. Lastly, consider using eye cream. Companies like Juice Beauty make some of the best, most effective, products on the market for this.

If you require serious transformation, you might also want to consider KR Plastic Surgery to lighten, lift, and refresh trouble spots. Sometimes, that’s the best option because it’s the only practical one.

Minimize Facial Cleansing

Every facial cleanser out there can dry and irritate the skin. Even creamy cleansers can do this due to various drying agents used in them. Using products like Albolene and Avene Gentle Cleanser might help. This is where things get tricky. You need to start using formulas with a high concentration of natural oils which will moisturize your skin. If at all possible, stick with natural oils rather than petroleum-based ones. If you’re looking to target concerns like stretch marks and sagging on your arms, legs, or décolletageconsiderinvesting in a high-quality anti-aging body lotion.

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